We can cover your business from a wide range of specialty insurances, including

- General Insurance

- Professional Indemnity

- Public & Product Liability

- Directors & Officers Insurances

  1. -Commercial Motor Fleets

  2. -and more

At AustInsurance Broking Group, we specialise in providing personal and quality services for the following:

-    Small-Medium Businesses of all types

-    Medical Centres

-    Property Owners

-    Strata Insurance

For over 40 years AustInsurance has been providing the best personal service to our clients, which is the key to finding the best and most appropriate Insurance Cover for any business or situation. Our main concern is your insurance needs, and by fully understanding you, your business and your needs, we can properly assess all risks involved – external or internal, the level of impact that risk may have and how to correctly cover those risks.

We take immediate action on your claims, ensuring that you get everything you are entitled to in the shortest time possible.

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As a Broker we have no ties with any specific Insurance Companies. The policies we find you are completely unbiased and very competitive.


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